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Everyone needs email. But, you shouldn't have to entrust your communication to companies that actively work against Christian civilization just to participate in the modern world.

Email, like most technology, is a tool that can and should be wielded for good. However, what started as a simple improvement to our means of communication been encumbered by advertisements and invasive practices by companies whose goals are not aligned with our own.

We started Fidei to reclaim technology for Christendom by crafting tools in the light of our faith. When your email ends in , you're announcing that you want to use technology to build up, rather than tear down Christendom.

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eed Email for your Business?

We supply email services for nearly 100 organizations, from parishes to accounting firms.

Explore how easy it can be to move your organization to Fidei today.

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ech Without Compromise

We're a small business run by Catholics. We don't have outside investors or advertisers so we can stay focused on our customers without throwing a pinch of incense to strange gods.

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Expertise that Matters

Drawing from our experience as engineers in leading tech companies, we know what it takes to build robust systems. At Fidei, we smoothly handle the delivery of thousands of emails every day.

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Standards First

Our service is built using open standards, which means no lock-in. You can check your Fidei email with the built-in mail apps on your phone and computer, or from your web browser using our webmail.

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Actually Helpful Support

We treat our customers like fellow parishioners. We're always just an email away and will do what it takes to make you happy with your email.

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For all tech proficiencies

Not tech-savvy? Not to worry, our customers include everyone from self-professed nonagenarian luddites to Linux kernel developers.

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Secure email, fantastic customer support, no spam, and an email address that celebrates my faith-- what's not to like? Breaking away from the tech giants was easy and restores sanity to my inbox. Thanks!

Avery L

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Since I started Fidei, my email has been a joy to open. Not only that, but just the address is a statement of my faith, something that I have been wrestling with, as to how to accomplish. I’m 80 and don’t go out that much but do have an extensive email file of friends and family, and this opens up meaningful conversations.

T.S. of Sunny Florida

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We'll do the heavy lifting and have your brand new Fidei account ready for you in less than a day.
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You'll receive a welcome email with your log-in credentials, and our set-up guide has all you need to get started.
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Ease of access, a beautiful faith inspired login page and privacy are what I look forward to when logging in to check my daily emails.


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As promoters of the Holy Face devotion, we've noticed a higher level of trust when using Fidei email, from Catholics who trust us with their private information.

Frank and Michelle Galushka

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et Your Family on Fidei

We offer significant discounts for families of all sizes.

Learn more about our family pricing

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Fidei e-mail is an excellent alternative in the market place to the modernist Google. I look forward to continuing my future endeavors using Fidei email.

Raymond R

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It is important to support small technology companies - especially Catholic ones! The invasion of privacy and the censoring of speech is going to get worse unless we begin to turn the tide by working together to build technology that respects our rights.


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