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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I pay for my email? is a small business. We make money by selling you a service, not by tracking, analyzing, and monetizing your data.

There exist popular email offerings without a fee, but this does not mean that they are free. "When you don't pay for a product", the saying goes, "you are the product". The companies behind these offerings aren't charities and you can be sure that they are making money off of your usage of their products. This is done by analyzing the emails you send and showing you related advertising as you browse the web.

We charge a small monthly fee, which is reduced substantially if you pay yearly.

Can I use my own domain?

Yes. Fidei for Organizations works with your own domain.

Does filter out spam?

Yes. has advanced spam blocking functionality. One tip, however, is to save your shiny new address for your personal correspondence and keep that old email for subscriptions and bulk mailers.

Can I Use End-to-End Encryption?

Yes. Our Webmail interface has End-to-End encryption via a seamless integration with Mailvelope. And, you can always use any mail application you like that supports encryption. For e2ee, we recommend Mozilla Thunderbird on your computer, K-9 Mail on your Android phone, and Canary Mail on your iPhone.

Can work for my organization?

Yes. We are hosting email for nearly 50 Catholic organizations (and counting) and we'd love to host yours too. Read more about Fidei for Organizations and view our pricing when you're ready.

Do you offer a family plan?

Yes. We love large families and want to help provide email for the entire family without breaking the bank. Read about our Family Friendly Pricing.

What are your privacy and security practices?

At Fidei we take your privacy and security very seriously.

We don't allow any unencrypted connections to our servers, which means that emails that you send and receive are encrypted on their way to and from our servers.

Please read our detailed Privacy Policy to see how we keep your information safe.

What are your email quotas?

Account Type Quota
Individual 5GB
Family 2GB per user
Organization 15GB per user
Individuals and organizations may purchase additional storage for $5/mo per 15GB additional storage.

Revision History:

Aug. 28, 2023

Updated email storage quotas.
Accounts created prior to this date have the greater storage of our old or new quotas applied.