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implify email for your business

In the digital age, your email should reflect your company identity. Custom domain email is the answer, but it often feels complex and daunting.

At Fidei, we're real people who share your Catholic values. We're here to simplify the process, not just by setting up everything for you but also by being there to support you every step of the way.

Our mission is clear: To provide you with professional email addresses like , without the tech headaches. We handle everything, ensuring seamless, credible communication.

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avigating the Domain Maze

Setting up custom domain email can seem like a complex puzzle, especially if you're not tech-savvy.

The technical jargon, DNS settings, and domain registration can be overwhelming. And, big secular tech companies don't make it easy to talk to anyone, let alone someone who can help you.

Fidei is here to simplify everything for you. We understand the challenges you face, and our mission is to make custom domain email easy, so you can enjoy a professional email identity, crafted by and for Catholics, without the hassle.

Don't let technicalities bring your business to a halt. We treat our customers like fellow parishioners and want to see Catholic-run businesses succeed so schedule a call with us today and see what technology should be like.

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We are in another time where finding trustworthy and reliable people to rely on is difficult. As a Catholic, it has not only been helpful to have other Catholics in business that we can provide mutual support, but it is great when they excel in the way that Fidei does. Technology without compromise is real, and Fidei is the place to find it.


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We are so happy that we went with Fidei Email for our new business. There are a thousand decisions to be made with a new startup, and our biggest concern was that our communications be reliable and professional. The product itself works very well, their customer service is fantastic, and we love supporting a fellow Catholic business. Fidei is a huge win all the way around.

John & Jennifer
Etown Laser, LLC

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our Tech Assistant

We don't just stop at making sure your email works. We'll work closely with you to craft your perfect email workflow.

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Expertise that Matters

Drawing from our experience as engineers in leading tech companies, we know what it takes to build robust systems. We've also helped many small businesses set up their technology infrastructure and love to help find the perfect tools for the job.

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Standards First

We utilize open standards in our services so you can use the largest number of software with Fidei without any lock-in. Use Microsoft Outlook, Apple Mail on iOS or your Mac, Thunderbird, or any other email app that works with open email standards.

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On-Brand Email Addresses

Say goodbye to that generic email address. With Fidei, you can have email identities for each of your employees: looks a lot more professional than .

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Actually Helpful Support

If you ever need help, whether it's figuring out why emails sent with your newsletter service go to spam, deciphering DNS for your website, or getting that email signature just right, we're here to help think through things with you.

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Guided by the Light of Faith

We're a small business run by Catholics. We don't have outside investors or advertisers so we can stay focused on our customers without throwing a pinch of incense to strange gods.

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Trusted by Nearly 100 Catholic Organizations

Catholics who run everything from parishes to accounting firms rely on Fidei for their email.

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Full disclosure, technology is my nemesis! Fidei sent me information to set it up, but said if I had trouble they'd do it for me. In the end Fidei set up my domain and account for me. They were fast and super nice.


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I manage multiple rental properties and Fidei is an excellent choice for my business email. The open platform is a huge plus; It was easy to integrate with a few different email applications I tried until I found one I liked. Michael, from Fidei, helped me set it up quickly and without any disruptions to my communicaions.

Andrew F.

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he Roadmap to
Custom Email

Our process is designed to make custom domain email setup as easy as possible. Whether you have a domain or need one, we've got you covered.

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No Domain? No Problem.

Just tell us what domain you'd like to use, and we'll register one for you. We handle all the setup.

After we've registered your domain, we'll get all your new email accounts set up and send you a welcome email with your new login credentials and setup instructions.

We have a detailed set-up guide that will walk you through everything. But, we're always here to help and are happy to hop on a screensharing call to step through the setup with you.

DNS Setup Options

If you already have a domain, you have two options for DNS setup:

Option 1: Use Our DNS Servers (Recommended)

This is the simpler choice. We'll migrate any existing DNS settings, ensuring no interruption to your website. Next, you'll log in to your domain settings and change your nameservers to point to ours. If you need assistance, we're here to help. Once that's done, we'll verify everything from our end, set up your email accounts, and send you welcome emails with login credentials and setup instructions.

Option 2: Use Your Existing DNS Service

If you prefer to keep your current DNS service, that's fine too. We'll provide you with the DNS records you need to set. If you need assistance with this step, we're just a call away. After you've set the records, we'll ensure everything is correctly configured from our end, set up your email accounts, and send you welcome emails with login credentials and setup instructions.

Throughout the process, we're available for video and screensharing calls to provide any help you may need. We'll work with you until your email is working just the way you want it to.

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onverts Welcome

We welcome those looking to transition from their existing email provider to Fidei's custom domain email service. We make the process effortless, ensuring a smooth transition without any disruptions to your communication.

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Fidei made it seamless to switch our email service and domain registration, which is something that has been very cumbersome in the past for us. Beyond the service aspect, there is a sense of security that comes from working with a Catholic provider for email/digital services. Having had security and trust issues with other service providers, it is a breath of fresh air to employ Fidei for our services now.

Pam L.

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You get what you pay for -- As a Catholic business owner, I knew I needed a business email, but I wanted to avoid the big tech companies. I'm thrilled that Fidei offers a solution that's secure and personal for a very reasonable price. I love working with a tech group where I can get help when I need it, and is easy, fast, and reliable to use.

Lisa Theus

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Fidei is an excellent service with better technical support than any of the major email providers we have worked with in the past. Unlike those guys, Fidei is quick to address the problems of little guys like us. We also love that with Fidei we can not only protect our own privacy, but also support a Catholic business just like ours--two things that are hard to come by in the tech industry!

Laverna Pastures

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Fidei offers Catholic businesses email and web services through a secure and modern approach that also ensures to uphold and value the perennial teachings of the Church. The quick, timely, and personal communication that Fidei offers, unlike those other big name anti-Catholic data stealing brands, is by far the most valuable aspect of their business model, aside from being fellow Catholics. I highly recommend Fidei and expect great things for many years to come!

John Paul Gaston
Sacred Music Associate, LLC

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I worked with Michael to set up a single email - with 4 aliases - for my small home-based business. He was thorough and fast to answer and even when I was struggling to move away from Google, he was there to jump on a screen share to help me figure it out! I am so pleased with everything!

Karen Whooley
Karen Whooley Designs

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I had communications with Michael from Fidei to help set up our domain. He helped provide information for me to easily follow and also helped get our phones set up.

Fr. D

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