Get Your Domain Running on Fidei

Let's go over some things you should know before moving your domain to Fidei...

First, you must already own a domain to use with Fidei. If you don't have one yet, you can register one with one of many registrars. We like Porkbun but you can use any registrar you like.


What's the process look like?

First, you'll fill out a form to provide us some information about your domain and the email addresses you'd like us to set-up. We'll go ahead and create the accounts. Then, we will send you instructions for updating your DNS records to tell incoming email to start coming to Fidei servers.

How long will it take?

After you fill provide us with all the email accounts you'd like to start with we'll have your accounts created within 48 hours. Then, it's up to you when to switch over your DNS records to point to Fidei. Updating DNS records takes around 15 minutes of your time. After your DNS records are updated you will start receiving email into your new account.

I'm already receiving email at my domain, will there be any interruption when I switch to Fidei.email?

No. The domain migration process takes a few steps and it's only the last one, switching your MX records at your domain registrar to point to Fidei, that will tell incoming mail to come to your new fidei.email account. Until then all your email will be delivered as usual.

Do I need any technical knowledge to do this?

You should be familiar with changing DNS records at your domain registrar. If not, ask a technical friend for help. It's pretty straightforward and should only take you around 15 minutes to do but it can be confusing for uninitiated so we recommend asking for help if you're at all unsure.

Can I create aliases?

Yes! Fidei.email for domains comes with unlimited aliases as part of your plan.

Can I import my old email into Fidei?

No. Your old email will not transfer over to Fidei. But, it will remain where it is. Many email providers have an export option, which you can use to back up your email.

If you have any questions about using your domain with Fidei.email please don't hesitate to reach out at support@fidei.email. Otherwise, get started below...

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